Doll Clothing & Accessories Made Locally

D&D Creations was founded in 1980 by Diane Segarra and Doris Bossong who are identical twins and have been working with all types of handcrafts since we were small girls. We began by hand painting original designs on clothing. In 1990 we switched to hand knitted and crochet doll clothing and
then added hand sewn doll clothing a couple of years later. Our company philosophy has been to offer clothing for the 18” doll market by combining the latest trends in fabrics, colors and detail with competitive pricing. At the same time we use all our crafting knowledge by implementing hand painted
designs, crochet and knitting and all types of crewel and embroidery and needlepoint accents to out designs.

We specialize in Made In America doll clothing for the 15” and 18” dolls, especially for the 18”
American Girls and 15” Bitty Babies, and 15” Bitty Twins. Our doll clothing line for the 18” doll as well as the 15” doll extends from a full contemporary line and has evolved into historical and several nationalities in response to our customers demand. We strive to maintain a superior quality both in material and workmanship at reasonable pricing. D&D Creations characteristics for
the doll clothing have always strived for high fashion, excellent quality and low price. We try to have our doll clothing follow the trends of the fashion industry so that we may bring your dolls to life!

Our 18 inch and 15 inch doll clothing line includes a full complement of casual clothing like our Circle Dress or Swing Glitter Dress, to 18” Pants and Tops like the Pants and Poncho, like our 18” doll night gown made of cotton or flannel or our 18” doll pajamas of flannel for winter and cotton for
summer, like our 18” knitted doll robe or our 18” doll sleeping bag, If your shopping for 18 inch dresses or 15” dresses we have Holiday dresses for both the 18” American Girl and the 15” Bitty Baby. Need 18” Doll Sportswear?  D&D Creations has sportswear from Karate outfits, Skating, Golf, and Soccer as well
as Gymnastics and Ballet. Every 18” doll needs a Fur Coat for winter or a Lite coat for fall and what about your 15” Bitty Baby doll she needs a 15” Coat also. When Halloween comes around we carry 18” American Girl doll clothing of various outfits like Witches, Genie outfits, Cinderella, Bumble Bee outfits and also 18” Princess Outfits. For Easter we carry both 18” doll clothing outfits and 15” doll clothing. D&D Creations carries a large selection of Mix and Match 18” doll pants, skirts, leggings and shorts with tee shirts and tops…all for 18” dolls. We also carry mix and match 15” doll pants, skirts, leggings and
shorts with tee shirts and tops… for the 15” Bitty Baby and 15” Bitty twin. Wouldn’t your doll love a pair of shoes? D&D Creations has a large selection of 18 inch doll shoes and 15 inch doll shoes available. 18” doll sandals, sport shoes and boots will provide the perfect doll footwear for every occasion.

D&D Creations has always been concerned with providing the best quality 18” doll clothing and accessories and 15 inch doll clothing and accessories at the best value for our customers.

D&D Creations Doll Clothes & Doll Accessories will fit a variety of 18" dolls including Sophia's®, American Girl®, Lissi®, Goetz®, and Corolle®.

D&D Creations are not affiliated with the American Girl Collection, Registered Trademark of the Pleasant Company.

If you have any questions, comments, don’t see something you’re looking for, or you need assistance in placing an order we invite you to call our office at  201-690-6943 weekdays between the                  hours of 9-5 Eastern Time.  

D&D Creations is not associated with Pleasant Company®, or any other doll or doll clothes company